In Memory of


Don & Lois Kralis
Ketchikan, Alaska
June  19, 2010


On their way home to Ketchikan yesterday (June 19), Don and Lois Kralis were driving their 2008 Subaru Forrester west toward Prince Rupert to pick up the 9:00 PM ferry back to Alaska. Rounding a curve at about 2:00 PM, about 40 miles east of Terrace, British Columbia, on Highway 16, (140 miles east of Prince Rupert) an oncoming three-quarter ton truck crossed the center line and hit their vehicle head on. Don and Lois didnít survive the crash. Though weíre devastated, itís somewhat reassuring to know that it all occurred in an instant and that they are together. Their mixed Terrier named Buddy survived with a broken leg and has been taken to the veterinary hospital in Terrace. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Constable we spoke with said that Don and Lois appeared to have just been driving along, did nothing wrong, and were taken completely by surprise. The constable said the other driver was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs but had obviously lost control of his vehicle. The other driver is an 80 year-old man who experienced a head gash and was released from the hospital the same night. We understand that the Mounty arrived on the scene to find the other driver had crawled out of his overturned truck and was trying to put out a small fire on the front of the Subaru with dirt. This all just looks like a tragic accident.

Don was a decade long contributor and an "Icon" of the Delphi LC Intruder forum. He and Lois organized several bike rendezvous for that Internet group so they could have a chance to meet face to face and extend their online relationships to real time, lifelong friendships. He also hosted the Delphi forum for Motorcycle Trailering. They were major players for the two wheeled world, and will be missed by many friends and loved ones from all over the globe.
-Moccasin Mike