Grip Removal The Easy way

Re-cycle those favorite grips!

Time to change bars, but don't want to lose your grip? With the right tools (a coat hanger) and a little patience, you can likely salvage that perfect grip for re-use on your new bars.

The Magic Grip Removal Tool

1.) Cut an 8" piece of steel coat hanger, and make an "S" bend at one end.

2.) Carefully insert your new "tool" under the grip. You may have to twist it back and forth a little to get it all the way down. (boy did I enjoy writing that ;-)

3.) Now, using the "S" bend as a handle, start rotating the wire as if you were opening a sardine can (Ya'll do eat sardines don't ya?)

If you rotate the wire clockwise, it will "walk" its way counter clockwise around the handlebar, breaking the glue bond as it goes.

4.) When you have completely encircled the bar, remove the wire, grasp the grip with both hands and twist, or "unscrew" it from the bar. If you have access to compressed air, sometimes it helps to inject air under the grip by placing the air nozzle right against the front edge. This will make sliding the grip off a bit easier.

When re-installing the grip, use a soft setting adhesive such as "Grip Seal" or orange CPVC Glue. It will hold sufficiently, but be much easier to remove next time, and it allows you enough time to set the grip exactly where you want it, then it will seteup overnight. Get a grip, and have a ball!! :-)

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