Make Your Own Helmet Hair!

Got crafty fingers and a bit of time?
With just a little effort, you can grow your own Helmet Hair!! :-)

A trip to your local Beauty Supply Store and the nearest Walmart will get you all the necessary ingredients to create your own Hairy Masterpiece! Most Beauty Supply Stores (Sally Beauty Supply, etc) carry a fair variety of Ponytails and Pigtails that are made with hidden drawstrings designed to be cinched up around a ball of your own hair. Some have hidden wire that will work just as well.

The 2" Wreath Holder Suction Cups from Walmart work very well with the ponytails and don't require any additional modifications. However, they are a little tricky to find. The "Picture Hanger" style 2" or 2.5" are more commonly found, and can be used with just a little effort, as you will see further down the page. if you are using smaller pigtails, get some 1" cups so they wont show around the base of the smaller hairpiece.

Hair Scrunchies are used just to finish off the piece, and perhaps color match it to your bike or helmet. These can be found at Walmart as well in the hair care department.

 Click the Photos below for larger (600x400) format viewing.
Some hairpieces will come with hidden combs for a more secure fit around your hair. These combs should be removed with an exacto knife or seam ripper.

Pull the drawstring to slightly tighten up the base of the hairpiece after removing the combs.
If you're using a Picture Hanger type suction cup, pull the hanger hook's eye off the stem of the cup. Then heat the tip of the hook over a candle, and carefully holding it with pliers, push it through the stem of the cup. The hot metal will burn a hole through the stem, then just thread the hook on in until the eye stops it on the other end. You may have to remove and reheat the hook if it doesn't easily burn all the way through the stem on the first attempt)

As an alternative to inserting the hook, you can just force a Jumbo Gem Clip around the stem and let it settle into the recess that used to hold the hanger hook in place. This is a LOT sturdier than you would think, and is my wife's preferred method when she can't find the Wreath Hanger style cups.

Side view of the Jumbo Clip in place

If you're lucky enough to find Wreath Hanger Cups, they already have a plastic hook inserted through the stem and are ready to use right out of the package! :-)

Place the Jumbo Clip, inserted metal hook, or plastic hook into the base of the hairpiece and tightly cinch the drawstring around the clip or hook.

Pulling it tight, tie the drawstring into a double or triple knot for security, then cut off the excess drawstring material.

Place your Scrunchie around the base of the hairpiece, filling the area between the hair and the suction cup.
Moisten the suction cup and press onto any smooth surface (including bald heads!!). If it's too moist, it will fall off within seconds, just keep sticking it on until it stays. We tested a ponytail on I-90 East of Sturgis, South Dakota for 60 miles doing 80mph with a cross wind of at least 30mph. It took a lot of brushing to get the tangles out, but the hair stuck to the helmet like it was glued on!!

Now get ready for waves and grins and cameras going off as you ride down the road,
because everybody loves HELMET HAIR!! :-)