Detachable Four Channel Rack for Road Kings

Outsmarting those goofy engineers!


For some reason, it seems as though the classic Four Channel Luggage rack was abandoned by the design engineers when they decided to create a detachable world for the Harley bikes. Currently, if you want detachable convenience, you have a choice of the huge "Two Up Detachable Rack" with the rails, or an add-on rack for your detachable Passenger Backrest. Either way you go, there are compromises over the versatile Four Channel setup.

Many owners are unhappy with the position of the detachable passenger backrest, and complain about its height, as well as its forward tilt and its placement over the passenger seat area. There is no adjustability to the detachable backrest.

The hard mounted Four Channel rack incorporates a passenger backrest, which has a slightly more upright profile, and can be slid forward or backward approximately 1.5" to create more or less space on the seat. With its flat top and no rails, the rack can also accommodate a wider variety of luggage types.

Creating a detachable Four Channel rack is not a less expensive option than your other choices. In fact, it might even cost a few bucks more, but you get the ability to adjust the backrest pretty much anywhere you want it, and the convenience of a flat, sturdy rack, and instant removal or interchangeability with other accessories.

What we did was simply bracket the Four Channel Rack and backrest assembly (part Number 53341-97) to a detachable Tour Pak Rack (part number 53107-96), swapping the Four Channel mounting plates for angle iron brackets.

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1: Cut the Brackets

First, cut two sections of 1" angle iron 9" to 10" long, then match them up to the side plates to mark locations for the two holes to mount them to the Four Channel Rack.

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2: Placement

Temporarily mount the brackets to the Four Channel assembly, and place the assembly on top of the mounted Tour Pak Rack to get the desired placement position. Mark the location of the Tour Pak Rack cross members on the new brackets and the bracket edges on the Tour Pack Rack cross members

For best results, you should have the backrest pushed all the way to the rearmost position on the Four Channel assembly.

After drilling the mounting holes in the Tour rack, place the Four Channel back into position, and mark the angle iron brackets for the new tour rack holes.

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Remove the angle iron brackets from the Four Channel assembly and drill the matching holes for bolting the assembly to the Tour Rack.

The Tour Pak Racks come with a set of chrome mounting bolts to bolt the tour pack on, so you can use those as mounting bolts for the Four Channel setup, and select drill size accordingly.

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Now you have the versatility and adjustability of the Four Channel Rack, AND the convenience of quick and easy removal!! :-)

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Tour Pak Rack Note:
Mounting the Tour Pak Rack to the bike requires using the Front Docking Hardware set (part number 53104-97A) and the Rear Docking Hardware set (part number 53127-96B).

Some Helpful Numbers:

Four Channel Luggage Rack

Part Number 53341-97 $194.95  (Does not include Pad)
Detachable Tour Pak Rack Part Number 53107-96 $174.95
Front Docking Hardware Set Part Number 53104-97A $11.95
Rear Docking Hardware Set Part Number 53127-96B $34.95
Large Oval Top Stitched Pad Part Number 52886-98A $99.95

Total Project Cost

$516.75 (MSRP)
For comparison purposes, a detachable backrest & pad with the Two-Up Luggage rack would cost $516.70, and a detachable backrest & pad with mounted luggage rack would cost $471.75 

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