Replace Your Passing Lamps
(Most Harley Touring Models)

With Common Wagner Options from NAPA Auto Parts

You can easily replace your blown or broken OEM Harley Touring Model passing lamps by purchasing the original Harley part No. 68674-69D from your local or favorite online dealership. They aren't terribly expensive. However, if you're like me and try to avoid the HD parts counter whenever possible, there are other options for replacement parts with just a little effort on your part.

After cracking one of my 30 watt OEM passing lamps, I decided to replace them both with amber lamps. My local NAPA Auto Parts Store carries the same size lamp in 35 watt, at about the same price as Harley, and offers you a choice of clear or amber. Napa Part Number 4415A. The only difference in the two lamps is the terminal lugs that are used. Harley specifies that their bulbs be fitted with spade type terminals, while NAPA only fits them with screw terminals, and abbreviated version of what the HD lamp has. This can be easily worked around, and once you adapt the terminals the first time, you won't have to ever do it again.

(Note: NAPA offers a Wagner 4416A in amber which may already have the spade connectors, which makes it a plug-n-play replacement!)

OEM Harley Part No. 68674-69D

NAPA Wagner Part No. 4415A

What we'll do here is cut the spade end off the OEM terminal and use it as an adapter for the new lamps.

Start by removing the original screw from the OEM lamp terminal, and run a 3/16 hole in the threaded hole to clear out the threads so the screw will slip through easily. Do this while the terminal is still on the old lamp so you can use the lamp to steady the terminal.

Once the hole is drilled, dremel or hacksaw the terminal off the old lamp just inboard of the screw hole. The piece that falls off will be your spade adapter from now on. Use a file or your dremel to clean up the rough edge and grind the screw hole smooth and flat.

Now remove the screw from the new lamp's terminal, lay your adapter over the screw hole and replace the screw. From now on, you have a CHOICE of where you wish to purchase your lamps and what color you wish them to be! :-)

Do this with both terminals on each lamp. Next time you blow a lamp, save the adapter and use it on the new replacement.

Do this with both terminals on each lamp. Next time you blow a lamp, save the adapter and use it on the new replacement.

 Safe and Happy Trails to you!

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