Making a Pro-Tac Driver Backrest work with Saddlebags

**Note: There is an update to this page at the bottom. Please read the update before attempting this project.

If you want to install a Pro-Tac back rest and you have saddlebags (or vice versa), you can either add spacers to longer length mounting bolts, or slightly alter the bags for a closer "made to fit" look.

I used the following procedure to fit a set of LeatherLyke Bags to my LC1500 which already had a Pro-Tac back rest.

This procedure will also work with Standard Suzuki Leather bags, but you may need to cut away a small portion of the leather top where it is attached to the back of the bag.

With the Pro-Tac back rest already installed and set to your preference:
Install the LeatherLyke mounting pegs using a set of 3" metric bolts from your local hardware store (the ones that come with the bags are not long enough to allow for the Pro-Tac mounting plate and/or sissy bar mounting plate)

*NOTE* Use the supplied black plastic spacers on the rear pegs only. This helps to even up the angle, due to the extra thickness of the Pro-Tac mounting plate.

Place bags against the pegs.
Pencil mark the location and angle of the Pro-Tac tubes on the rear area of the bags.

Using a 3/4" Round Drum Rasp bit for your drill, begin hollowing out the area on the bags that you just marked.

Take your time and work slowly, stopping frequently to check the fit. And be extremely careful not to let the rasp get away from you. A variable speed drill helps too.

For some models, depending on the forward/back position of the Pro-Tac, you may also have to hollow out a small portion of the lip around the top. But not for the LC. (My Pro-Tac is at it's rear most position).

The hollowed out section ends up being about the size and length of your thumb, but is not noticable when the bags are in place.

If you wish to seal the hole:
With the bags in place, you can glue (Use contact cement) a piece of the same type of interior foam (or vinyl, or just use duct tape) to the inside wall of the bag, allowing enough slack to accomodate the Pro-Tac tube.

Spent about one hour per bag for total installation.

You can order your Pro-Tac Driver Backrest directly from the manufacturer at:
orders- 1-800-698-2678 / Info-1-864-348-3549.
Address: Pro-Tac, 113 Richards St. (or) P.O. Box 42, Iva, SC 29655.
They now have a web site:

One Year Later Update