Adding a Signature File to your Delphi Profile

By "Moccasin" Mike

One of the most useful and fun aspects of the Delphi Message Board system is the ability to use and display photos with your posts. For those who wish, you can set up a fixed "Signature File" which will be automatically added to the end of every post. This file can include photos, helpful links, and text, to enhance your posts or give readers a better sense of who you are.

For those new to the Delphi system, these pages have been set up to help you with access to your signature file area and some guidelines for making your message board experience better.

In order to display a photo on the Delphi system, you must first be a subscribing member of Delphi. The price is cheap if you frequent many of the forums in the system, and if you're like most of us, the cost will be returned many times over in information and shop costs that are saved by those forums!! ;-)

If you are not already a paid subscriber, follow this link to the membership services.


Park it Somewhere!!

I'll start from scratch, since I don't know how much you know about the Delphi system. In order to use a signature photo, it must first be uploaded to a website or server storage area, then it is referenced by your profile each time you post or reply to someone. If you have no available web storage space through your service provider, You can use any number of free storage sites online (such as Photobucket) or if you are a Delphi Plus subscriber, you can use the space that Delphi provides for you.

Once you have an established photo somewhere, you will need to access your personal profile in Delphi and setup your signature block by entering an html code string (we'll get to that later).

Be kind to your Neighbors!!

For those who still have to endure the pains of dial up connections, and still use the most common (800x600) resolution monitor settings, its a good idea to crop or reduce your signature image size to no more than 450 pixels wide, and try to maintain a file size of 60kb or less. Also try to avoid using too many images in your sig file. Multiple image displays can be annoying to some, and a waste of connection time to load. We'll show you how to make changeable pics later, so for now, let's not turn your sig file into a whole photo album!!

Let's Do It!!
(Click on the Photos in the right column for Larger Images)

To access your personal preferences, click on the "My Forums" link at the upper left of your Delphi screen after going to any forum.

Click for larger image

Once you are at your "My Forums" page, look in the left hand panel all the way down to the bottom and you will see a link to "My Preferences". Click this link to get to your profile.

Click for larger image

Now scroll about half way down and you will see the text box to enter your "Personal Signature" code string. The code can include commands to center the photo, and any text characters that you would like displayed along with it. For "Plus" members, the "Source" box should be checked when you are entering html code strings.

Click for larger image

When you are done entering the code string for your sig file, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Submit" button.

Click for larger image

Need help with HTML Coding? Here are a few samples that will help you get started: Sample Sig File Codes


Delphi Plus users - Make an interchangeable image sig file. Working with multiple images


Need help with Image editing? Hop on over to for Wes Eden's tips on cropping, and resizing, and links to free editing software!!
Remember, Delphi is a place to make friends. Treat everyone like they're going to be your next best friend and you'll discover what these forums are really all about!!

See ya on the boards, my friends!!
Moccasin Mike